Jebao CBF-8000 8000L 11W UVC Pond Canister Pressure Filter with Jebao XTP-10000LPh

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Jebao CBF-8000 8000L 11W UVC Pond Canister Pressure Filter

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Jebao Bio Pressure Pond Cleaning Kit

CBF-8000 UV Pond Filter with Jebao XTP 10000LPH Water Pump

Whether you are thinking about creating a Pond, and want to effortlessly maintain it or whether you own a pond but it looks more like a green algae swamp instead of a sparkling water feature. The Jebao Pond Cleaning range of Pond Filters is your solution. With reliable and effective filter technology, the Jebao Back Flush Bio Pressure Filter range requires minimal maintenance effort whilst delivering astonishing filter results to give you more time to enjoy your pond.

The Jebao Back Flush Bio Pressure Filter range has an integral indicator, located at the back of the filter, to show you when cleaning is required.  Through the simple clip design the included bio media is easily accessible for cleaning.  The Clear hose tail will also assist in checking the UV bulbs operation and water quality.  The Jebao Bio Pressure Filter range can be partially buried and less visible. The Jebao Bio Pressure range all have a 10 meter Power cord making it easy to reach your power point.

Bio Filter Features

Multi Stage biological and mechanical filtration provides maximum pond filtration. The large foam surface provides increased filtration and beneficial bacteria growth.  The included bio balls provide a high surface area for beneficial bacteria to thrive and naturally clean pond pollutants. The UV light includes special quartz glass, which does not diminish the ultra violet light to pass.  This significantly increases the performance of your filter.

Water Pump Features


The XTP range has the latest water pump technology and ultra quite operation, the Jebao DC pump, provides great flow rates yet without the power consumption.   .  The ceramic shaft was designed to minimise wear and tear, leading to a longer lifetime operation. The Jebao can be used in fresh or in saltwater and has no copper element.


Jebao PF-40E Pond Filter

How does it work

Stage 1 - Mechanical Filtration

Water is pumped into the filter creating the necessary pressure to begin the mechanical filtration stage.  There are 2 phases in this stage namely coarse and fine sponges.  Each phase uses a specially designed foam sponge to effectively remove all sizes of unwanted debris.

Stage 2 - Biological Filtration

The biological filtration stage begins when water reaches the bottom of the filter. In this stage the bio balls provide a habitat for beneficial bacteria growth.  These bacteria naturally convert harmful ammonia and other wastes into healthy nitrates that fertilise aquatic plants and support a healthy pond environment.

Stage 3 - UV Filtration

The final stage uses a low voltage, Ultra Violet (UV) light located in the middle of your filter.  Exposure to the UV light kills algae as the water passes upward through the filter on its way back to your pond.



Please Note Hoses not included.

Filter Specifications

Max. Capacity 8000LPH
11W UV sterilisation
All Media included
Dimension in/Out :  Diameter 20/25/32/40 mm
Dimension Filter:  Diameter (TOP)330mm;  (H) 550mm x (W) 330mm
Power Cable: 5M with SAA Australian Plug
Supply Voltage UV: 220-240V 50Hz

Pump Specifications:

 Flow Rate: 10000LPH
Hmax : 5.0m
Power Consumption: 68W MAX
Power Cable Lenght: 10.0M
Pump Dimensions:(L) 300 x (W) 265 x (H)210mm
Suitable for Fresh and Salt water
Connections : for 25, 32 40 mm (3/4", 1",11/4"11/2")


When choosing the appropriate pump size the following needs to be taken into consideration: hose length to filter, hose height to filter, hose diameter used, bends and angles in the hose to filter. All of these factors affect the end flow rate of the pump. As a guide, use the following calculations and match them to the head height values to cross reference end flow of the pump in l/ph.

Head height refers to the height the pump must push water vertically to the filter however, other factors listed below also add to the ultimate head height values.

• For every 1m of pipe is equivalent to 10cm of head height.
• For every 1 size hose diameter reduced from the maximum outlet diameter of the pump is equivalent to 1m of head height.
• For every 90 degree bend in the hose is equivalent to 1m head height.
• For every 45 degree bend in the house is equivalent to 50cm of head height.


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